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I'm Ian, this is "Little Leighty" and Amanda. With over two decades in the video production industry, I applied my talent toward making memorable moments of my family and posting the highlight videos online for my friends and extended family to see. My mom loved this! Friends started asking if I could create something special with their own families cherished photos and videos waiting on their phones – BOOM! Lightbulb moment - thus sparking an idea which ultimately led me to start EditMyFamilyVideos.com...now everyone has access to create lifelong keepsakes they'll cherish forever!

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Welcome to Edit My Family Videos where we go from your phone to film. If your question is not answered in the FAQ below, feel free to reach out with any questions and we will be in touch soon.

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If you find yourself wanting to add more after checkout time, don't worry! Just shoot us an email at yourfriends@editmyfamilyvideos.com with the rest of what's sure to be amazing media and we'll take it from there!

Sure can! Get creative and upload your own banger, or let us take the wheel so that we can pick a tune sure to make everyone go wild.

After picking the specific video product you would like, simply click the "Choose Assets" button. From there you can upload all your files before you check out.

Don't worry if your footage isn't too hot - our editors can take it from drab to fab! You'll be thrilled with the result or we'll give you a full refund.

You don't need to worry about synchronization issues - all the footage from your different devices will be blended together into a cinematic masterpiece!

Don't be shy! Got something special you want us to know about? No problemo. Just let us in on the extra details through either the product page or shoot an email off to yourfriends@leatherpatchcompany.com - we're all ears!

Ready for your video in less than a week? No problem! We’ll have version 1 of your masterpiece emailed to you within 7 days. But if something doesn't quite hit the mark, never fear - just let us know and we can take another stab at it with an improved edit coming through in 2-3 days.

Worry not! Your sensitive data is safe with us. Rest assured our only interest in the files you upload are for creating a magical final video masterpiece just for you!

Our uploader on the product page helps keep everything in one place. Please use that and if there are any assets you forgot, feel free to email them to yourfriends@editmyfamilyvideos.com

We recommend the Photo Scanner App by Google. It has proven to be the best scanner that you can use right on your phone. Feel free to use a traditional scanner as well.

Absolutely! Let's make your video go viral on our Youtube channel. We just need to triple check that it is ok with you, and then we'll post up this awesome content in the blink of an eye - so get ready for contagious laughs or tears!

Are two and a half minutes just not cutting it? Then let's talk about crafting something more epic! It'll be our secret - no one needs to know you wanted an extra-long video. Just reach out to us at yourfriends@editmyfamilyvideos.com, and we can start planning the great cinematic masterpiece of your dreams!

We have enough content to create a stellar video - an absolute work of art! All we need are our magical 100-125 ingredients, and voila. Let the beauty unfold in front of our eyes.